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Worldwide Experience

From the heat of the Sahara to the frozen wastelands of Siberia, we have analysed samples from all regions of the globe.

Sector Experience:

Whether you're a muti-national petroleum company looking at hydrocarbon reservoir geology or a local builder needing information about the clay content of soils at X-ray Minerals we have the skills and experience to help get the data you need! Below is a list of just some of the varied industries and their individual requirements where we have used XRD and/or XRF to get the desired results:

Oil & Gas Sector Applications

Wider Applications

  • Mineralogical assessment of hydrocarbon reservoir geology and formation evaluation worldwide
  • Mineral depth-profiling in hydrocarbon reservoir wells
  • Environmental monitoring for respirable quartz and other toxic substances
  • Evaluation of unknown substances in contaminated industrial sites
  • Mineralogical surveys of edible African soils
  • Quality control of bentonites and other raw materials used in manufacturing
  • Quality control of raw materials used in animal health products
  • Quality control of synthetic osteogenic composites for orthopaedics
  • Quality control of refractories and amorphous silica
  • Quality control of natural abrasives feedstocks
  • Pipe scale, drilling mud and contamination product identification
  • Foundation clay surveys for the construction industry
  • Mineralogical and chemical analysis of refractory clays and raw materials
  • Mineral and chemical characterisation of aggregates and quarry products
  • Determination of titania polymorphs for the pigments industry